Communicator: Sign In and Install

This article details how to download and sign in to Clearspan Communicator. Clearspan Communicator is the application used for accessing the VOIP (Voice Over IP) softphone system.

Note: VoIP callers should be aware of certain restrictions to 911 calls. Visit for more information

Note: This service is temporarily available for Health Care Component (HCC) members during the COVID-19 crisis. For instructions and updates please see Health Information Privacy & Compliance Office's information on COVID-19 and HIPAA at UMN. For HCC members, the softphone is not allowed on Home PC's. The softphone is only allowed to be used on University-managed computers.

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Download Clearspan Communicator from Self Service or Software Center on University managed devices.

  • Mac: Available via Self Service
  • Windows: Available via Software Center
  • Communicator can also be downloaded directly from the Clearspan Website
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure you are using the regular Clearspan Communicator and not the basic one

Signing In

  1. Connect to UMN - Split Tunnel VPN
  2. Open the Clearspan Communicator
    • Windows: Search for Communicator in Windows Search.
      • In your programs it's found in the Mitel folder and then Communicator
      • C:\Program Files (x86)\Mitel\Communicator
    • Mac: Go to Finder then Applications then Communicator
  3. The first time you use Clearspan Communicator you will need to establish a connection to the application server. Enter the information as outlined below:
    1. Server Address enter
    2. Enterprise Email enter [10 Digit Number]
      • 10 digit phone number example: 61262 and Agent ID
  4. Click Continue
  5. Sign in using the following credentials
    • Username is [10 Digit Number]
      • 10 digit phone number example: 61262 and Agent ID
    • Password is your provided password
  6. If this is your first use, Communicator should prompt you for a password change
    • Password Guidelines:
      • 8 Characters in length
      • Both capital and lower-case letters
      • At least one special character
      • At least one number
  7. When done using the phone, to sign out:
    • Mac: Go to Communicator menu, and click Sign Out (Command + O)
    • Windows: Go to File Menu, and click Sign Out (Ctrl + Shift + O)

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