Communicator: Troubleshooting and Known Errors

This article details troubleshooting steps for the Clearspan Communicator application that's used for Voice Over IP (VOIP) phones.

Note: VoIP callers should be aware of certain restrictions to 911 calls. Visit for more information

Troubleshooting Headsets and Clearspan Communicator

This section details some troubleshooting steps you can take when troubleshooting the Clearspan Communicator application or the headset you are using to connect to Clearspan Communicator.

  1. Quit and restart the Clearspan Communicator.
  2. Make sure you have the regular Clearspan Communicator installed and not the basic one
    1. If you downloaded Communicator from the Mitel website (instead of using Self Service for Mac or Software Center for Windows) and had the basic installed, uninstall it and download the regular Clearspan Communicator.
    2. See Communicator: Sign In and Install
  3. Make sure your headset is recognized by the computer
    • Windows
      1. Open Windows settings
      2. Go to Devices
      3. Go to Bluetooth & other devices
      4. Make sure you see your headset listed under the Audio section and that it is connected
    • Mac
      1. Open the System Preferences
      2. Click the Sound icon
      3. Click the Input tab, and then select your headset
      4. Click the Output tab, and then select your headset
  4. Make sure your privacy settings allow Clearspan Communicator to recognize the microphone Note: You may need to restart Clearspan Communicator for any changes made to take effect
    • Windows
      1. Open Windows settings
      2. Go to Privacy
      3. Go to Microphone
      4. Make sure Allow desktop apps to access your microphone is turned On
    • Mac
      1. Apple's Guide for Catalina - Select Operating System version from Select version dropdown at the top of the page. 
      2. Apple's Guide for Mojave
  5. Check that Clearspan Communicator is using your headset as the speakers and microphone
    1. Open Clearspan Communicator settings
    2. Go to the Audio/Video tab
    3. Under the Headset and Speakers options of Audio you may need to change Use Default to be your respective headset
      1. Use the Level setting on this page to see if your microphone is picking up any sound
      2. If on Windows, you can go back to the settings location from Step 3 (on this page) and you should see Currently in use under Communicator if it is working
  6. Check that your headset is up to date on firmware
    1. Jabra Evolve 65 headsets
      1. Download Jabra Direct to get firmware updated
    2. Other headsets
      1. Go to the manufacturer's site and attempt to find firmware updates
  7. Uninstall and reinstall Clearspan Communicator. Follow step 1 in Communicator: Sign In and Install to reinstall.
    • This process will erase your current settings and contacts within Clearspan Communicator, your account is otherwise unaffected.
  8. If you have attempted all of the above troubleshooting and are still having trouble, contact Technology Help (1-HELP)

Known Error Messages

  • Error: Calls Unavailable Please check your network connection to ensure that your system allows calls (SIP)
    • May also show as Calls Unavailable or you will notice calls coming in but are unable to take those calls or the calls immediately disconnect
  • Solution:

Known Issues

  • No international dialing available at this time
  • Issues for those who use Queues in Services (those who work in a call center):
    • Status not updating in Services
      • This is a visual error; your status is updating appropriately
      • The Service state does not update live in the Communicator client. To see the actual status you are on, click out of the Services page and then go back to it to reload the page.
    •  Status is set to On Call but you're not currently on a call
      1. Call someone using the Dialpad  and then hang up
      2. After this call your status should go back to Idle
  • ​​​​​ To make a call and receive a call you need to be on a device with a working speaker and microphone.
    • If your device does not have a speaker and/or microphone, then it is recommended to use headphones and/or an external microphone.
  • (Mac) On Macs, you may need to give Communicator permission to use the microphone.
    1. On your Mac, navigate to System Preferences.
    2. Select Security & Privacy.
    3. Select the Privacy tab.
    4. Check the checkbox next to Communicator in the list. 
      • Note: If you are unable to check the checkbox, you need to unlock your Sytem Preferences to make changes:
        1. Click the lock in the lower left corner where it says Click the lock to make changes
        2. Enter your password.
        3. Click Unlock 
    5. From the list of applications on the left, select MicrophoneThis opens a list on the right of the applications that have requested access to your microphone.
    6. Restart the Clearspan Communicator application for the change to take place. 

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