Change Your Password Over the Phone

If you have not set up your password reset questions or have some other problem when resetting your password on your own, call the Technology Help service desk at 612-301-4357 (1-HELP), or visit one of our Walk-In locations. For security reasons, passwords cannot be reset via Technology Help's email or chat functions.

Changing your password over the phone

  1. Once you are connected on the phone to a Technology Help service desk consultant, the consultant will direct you to go to
  2. Type your internet ID (ex. john001)
  3. The consultant will give you a temporary password to type in the password field.
    • You can select the "Show" button at the end to assure that you are typing in the correct temporary password.
    • If you incorrectly type in this temporary password 4 times, you will be locked out. Try logging in on a different device, or wait 10 minutes and try again.
    • If waiting for 10 minutes and retyping the temporary password correctly does not work, call Technology Help at 612-301-4357 (1-HELP).
  4. Click Sign in. A message will appear indicating that your password has expired.
  5. Click the link in this expiration message to change your password.
    password has expired message with a circle around the link to click to reset your password
  6. The page to set your new internet password will appear. Type the temporary password you were given in the Current Password field. If needed, you can click the "Show" buttons to reveal what you have typed so that you can review that the information is correct before submitting.
  7. Type a new password in the New Password field, and retype your new password in the Confirm New Password field.
    • Must be at least 16+ character(s) long.
    • Must contain characters from at least three out of following five categories:
      • Uppercase alphabetic characters (A-Z)
      • Lowercase alphabetic characters (a-z)
      • Numerals (0-9)
      • Non-alphanumeric characters (for example: !, $,#, or %)
      • Unicode characters.
    • Must not contain any of the user ID, first name or last name when their length is larger than 2 (for example, if your user ID is john001, the new password cannot the characters "joh" but could include "jo").
    • Must not be one of 5 previous passwords used for the account.
    • Note: Passwords must follow these requirements:
  8. Click Submit. A "Password Change Successful" page should appear. Discard the temporary password you were given.

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