Public Labs

Public computer labs are open to all University students, faculty, and staff and require no reservation to use. Find details about hours, software, and printing available by clicking on the links to the individual labs.


  • IT computer labs are available to University of Minnesota students, staff, and faculty.
  • For students, current registration is required for fall and spring semester access.
  • Summer registration or registration in the contiguous spring or fall semester is required for summer access.
  • A UCard and proof of appropriate registration may be required for verification of eligibility.


  • Access to IT computer labs is free for students currently registered and faculty or staff working with courses scheduled in IT labs or developing/maintaining courseware.
  • All users must pay printing charges. Pay for printing using the Gopher Gold funds loaded on your UCard. Gopher Gold funds can be added at the UCard office or at one of the Value Port locations around campus.

Access Priorities

  • Access priorities are listed below in descending order of priority: 
    1. Class or other group reservations for instructional purposes.
    2. Individual students working on course assignments.
    3. Faculty or staff doing work supporting instructional use of labs.

& Sign-out Procedures

  • Everyone who uses a computer lab is expected to follow the existing Active Directory sign-in and sign-out procedures for that lab.
  • If other eligible users are waiting for a computer, individual access to a lab may be limited to two hours per session.

Access Rules

  • Appropriate use of computer lab hardware and software. Violations include but are not limited to: 
    1. Disconnecting, reconnecting, or reconfiguring hardware.
    2. Copying software that is copyrighted or otherwise restricted.
    3. Removing, changing, or reconfiguring files on lab disks including hard drives.
    4. Damaging or removing any property from the lab.
    5. Using software that interferes with lab operations and with other lab users.
  • Compliance with the rules, procedures, and protocols: 
    1. Pay for all pages printed.
    2. Sign in and/or out properly, and provide identification when requested by a lab consultant.
    3. Refrain from the generation, display or printing of offensive material as covered by the University's policy on equal opportunity and non-discrimination, including sexually or racially offensive or harassing materials.
    4. Refrain from disruptive, threatening, or abusive language or behavior.
    5. Wear shirt and shoes.
    6. Put cell phones in vibrate mode while in the lab.
    7. Reserve conversations to outside the lab.


  • Mac and Windows computers
  • Professional software suites
  • Scanners and printers
  • Large-format printing