Compare Available Types of Internet Accounts


People need Internet accounts for a wide range of reasons, including:

  • A new student group forming on campus
  • The hiring of contractor for a short amount of time
  • Visiting faculty helping on a research project
  • A department or research lab wanting a single point of contact

NOTE: You do not need to create an account to apply for a job at the University of Minnesota. If you are not currently employed by the University, on the Find a Job page, click the External Applicants button to apply for a position.


There are several account options to meet the variety of needs you may have for collaboration and access control.

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Person-of-Interest Account

There are certain situations where people have an association outside of a defined appointment within the University of Minnesota, and they need access to University-wide resources including PeopleSoft. Some examples of when to request this type of account are for External Service Providers, Affiliates or Office of the Vice President of Research appointees.

Key Considerations

  • Provides access to Active Directory, Google Apps for Education suite,U Card, VPN Networks, and secure WiFi
  • These accounts are for non-paid appointments
  • HR has specific policies outlining who can have this type of account and what expiration controls are available

Sponsored Account

Staff and faculty can request sponsored accounts so that their collaborators outside of the University can gain greater access to University resources. Example situations for when this type of account include use for contractors and visiting faculty/students/researchers.

Key Considerations

  • Provides access to Active Directory, Google Apps for Education suite,U Card (optional, for additional fee) , VPN Networks, and secure WiFi
  • Initial expiration date can be up to 3 years; must be renewed annually after initial term
  • Can be requested by only an active faculty/staff appointment

Conference Account

ATTENTION: Conference accounts were discontinued as of December 1, 2019. Guests to the University of Minnesota are invited to use the UofM-Guest Network.

Questions or concerns? Email [email protected].

Key Considerations

  • The University’s WiFi has been upgraded and the UofM-Guest network is able to provide reliable access to the internet for all guests to the University.

Student Group Accounts

Student groups who have registered with Student Unions and Activities can request internet accounts to represent their organization.

Key Considerations

  • Provides one University email account and access to the Google Apps for Education suite
  • Automatically expires annually but can be renewed yearly by new student group officers

Parent/Guest Access Account

A student can grant access to certain financial and academic services to a parent or third party. As part of that process, the student invites the parent or third-party person to create an account.

Key Considerations

  • Provides proxy access to a student’s account
  • The student controls what is accessible through the account

Guest Accounts

Using your personal email address, you can create a guest account to access some University online resources. These types of accounts are mainly used for non-credit registration (Destiny One) and for local landlords who work with Housing and Residential Life.

Key Considerations

  • Allows access to non-credit registration and off-campus housing listing service
  • Expires after 4 years; can be renewed multiple times

Departmental/Organizational Accounts

Any group affiliated with the University can request an account. Examples of groups or organizations that use this type of account include: a department, division, laboratory, office, committee, research project, center, or webmaster.

Key Considerations

  • Provides access to the Google Apps suite
  • Stays open indefinitely
  • Only an active faculty/staff appointment can request this kind of account
  • Departmental account emails must be monitored.

Student, Staff, Faculty, and Alumni Accounts

A personal internet ID is assigned automatically to students when they confirm their registration at the University, and to faculty and staff when they are on the University payroll. Individuals who have received a degree (alumni) from the U of M or have formally retired from their position are eligible to continue using their Google Apps accounts once they are no longer currently enrolled or working for the University.

Key Considerations

  • Retired faculty/staff and degree holders get access to their Google Apps account as long as they log in at least once every 90 days. The account can be reinstated if needed after the 90 days by contacting Technology Help
  • Degree holders who would like access to more University resources beyond their Google Apps account can join the University of Minnesota Alumni Association
  • The Office of Information Technology will never reassign a person's internet ID to a different person

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