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Classic Google Sites

Quickly create and share a website.


With Google Sites, you can quickly create a website for your team or department without the need for knowing any coding. Google Sites offers a variety of templates and designs for sharing your content. Similar to other Google Apps, it has sharing controls to keep your content private to a select user group or shared with the masses.

New Google Sites

As of January 31, 2017, a new version of Google Sites is available for use with the creation of new websites. For more information, please see the New Google Sites technology page. Log in to Google Sites and create a new web page in order to get the option for building a site with New Google Sites.


  • Flexible platform for building personal and departmental sites
  • Google-powered search finds content across Sites
  • Seamlessly plugs in gadgets like Google Calendars, Google maps, and files from Drive
  • Sharing controls allows you to decide who sees what and who can contribute or edit content

Getting Started

Intended Audience

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University-funded: No charge.