The TurningPoint Cloud response system allows instructors to poll students in class, view the results immediately, and provide feedback. With the “Anywhere Polling” feature, questions can be prepared in advance or created in real time. Student responses can be anonymous or identifiable, and students can be assigned credit for participation and/or correct responses.  


OIT Academic Technologies provides support for an integration tool that enables instructors to synchronize TurningPoint sessions with Canvas.

  • Instructors can synchronize their TurningPoint 8 sessions with the student roster and gradebook in Canvas.


An instructor will notify you if a course requires a Turning Account license and/or a physical clicker (e.g., ResponseCard RF-A). During class, you can answer questions with a clicker (ResponseCard) or answer from a laptop, tablet, or mobile device with a WiFi connection. To ensure that you receive credit for your answers, you must set up a Turning Account and register it in Canvas. See Canvas for TurningPoint Participants for account set up and registration instructions.


  • In-class polling
  • Results viewable immediately
  • Questions can be prepared in advance or in real time
  • Responses can be anonymous or identifiable
  • Responses can be synchronized with the student roster and gradebook in Canvas
  • Students must set up a Turning Account and purchase a license

Integration into Canvas

This tool has been integrated, or requested for integration, into Canvas. Learn more about Learning Tools for Canvas.