Enterprise Systems: Plan and Request a File Transfer or Batch Scheduling

Business analysts and technology staff who use enterprise systems (such as PeopleSoft Financials, PeopleSoft Human Resources Management System, and PeopleSoft Campus Solutions) must request managed batch scheduling and file transfers from the Job Scheduling and Transfers team in the Office of Information Technology. 

We set up all file transfers using two technologies: Autosys, the system that schedules your Axway transfers and Axway, the University's secure file transfer system.  

Submit a Request

Contact Production Services via email at [email protected] to begin the process of requesting your batch schedule (Autosys) or file transfer (Axway).  This email will automatically generate a ticket in the ticketing system.  This ticket will be used to manage the request. 

  • If this is your first request, Production Services can work with you prior to submission to ensure you understand the forms and can successfully complete them.  To request assistance, email [email protected] and include contact information, team name and brief description of services needed.
  • Refer to the team's University-public resource site for detailed how-to information for submitting requests

Successfully completing the form so technical work can begin on your request(s) can take some time, depending on the complexity, the information you provide from your vendor partners, and/or your business requirements.

Plan for How Long Your Request Will Take

When you request either an Autosys change or an Axway file transfer, we perform technical set up, review, testing and migration work using both Autosys and Axway. This can take anywhere from part of a business day up to 10 business days, depending on the nature and complexity of the request.

Request TypeTechnical Work BeginsWork Completed
Change to existing production Autosys batch requestsIf received by noon, same business day migration to testing environment1 business day
New simple Autosys batch requests

3 business days

If received before noon, migrated to testing environment by noon the next business day

If test is successful, migrated to production as directed by the requestor

10 business days
New complex Autosys batch requests (multiple box changes/creations)

Migrated to testing environment within 5 business days

If testing is successful, production migration is determined based on scheduling availability of vendor (if applicable), requestor and OIT.

10 business days
Change to existing production Axway transferIf the request is received before noon, migration will happen the afternoon of same business day1 business day
New Axway file transfer request

Migrated to testing environment within 5 business days

If testing is successful, production migration is determined based on scheduling availability of vendor, requestor and OIT.

10 business days
Critical existing Autosys schedules and Axway transfer changesSame business daysame business day
Critical New file transfer or batch schedule requestsAs soon as request is approved by the appropriate OIT and business management2-5 business days

Note: Critical is reserved for unforeseen situations (e.g. failures of technology, unannounced vendor changes, etc.) and Professional judgement is expected and appreciated.

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