Zoom: Live Stream to YouTube or a Custom Streaming Service

University of Minnesota students, staff, faculty, departmental, and sponsored accounts who are not in the Healthcare Component (HCC - BAA/BAA+) can live stream from Zoom meetings to Youtube Live and other streaming services. This is a good option for non-HCC users who need to reach an audience larger than 300 participants. 

If this will be your first time live streaming with Zoom, set up a practice meeting well in advance of the event to become familair with the process.

In this article:

Steps to Perform in Advance of the Livestream

Scheduling Your Meeting in Zoom

  • Schedule your Meeting in Zoom: Scroll down to find the instructions for your operating system (i.e.Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) or the Zoom web portal. Click on a section to expand the instructions.

Enabling the Live Streaming Feature

  1. Login to your Zoom Meeting Settings.
  2. Scroll down or click In Meeting (Advanced) in the left-hand navigation links to find Allow live streaming meetings.
  3. Click the toggle switch to enable live streaming
  4. Four checkboxes appear. Check the boxes for where you would like to Livestream to:
    • Uncheck Facebook and Workplace by Facebook unless you plan to use them so that your meeting interface stays less cluttered.
    • YouTube: Checking YouTube allows you to set up Livestreaming with a University-connected YouTube account. 
      • Note: Setting up YouTube to work with Zoom for the first time requires you to go through the livestreaming process immediately, without testing. Make sure you are ready to go live with a test meeting when using this option.
    • Check Custom Live Streaming Service to set up livestreaming before your meeting using any service besides Workplace by Facebook - including YouTube.
      1. A text box appears where you can enter any notes for hosts who will be live streaming your meeting. Otherwise, leave this box blank and click Save.
        List of live streaming meeting options with Facebook, Workplace by Facebook, and YouTube unchecked. And Custom Live Streaming Service checked.
  5. Continue to the Setting Up Your Streaming Platform section below.

Setting Up Your Streaming Platform Ahead of Time

In order for a scheduled meeting to go live using the Custom Live Streaming Service option, you will need to obtain your:

  • Stream URL
  • Stream key
  • Live streaming page URL from your streaming platform

This section covers how to setup your event and obtain these settings in Youtube Live, though you can also use a different streaming service of your choice.

  1. Login to YouTube.com with your UMN Internet ID and password.
  2. Select the Create a Video or Post button (camera with a plus symbol) in the upper right-hand corner of the Youtube homepage.
    The buttons in the upper right-hand corner of the Youtube website - the Create a video or post button is highlighted
  3. Choose Go Live.
    1. Create a channel if prompted. You must have a channel in order to use Youtube Live. There is no charge when creating a channel.
      • Note: You may need to wait 24 hours to activate your account for livestreaming. Please plan accordingly.
        YouTube account creation. Caution symbol with note: Ready in 24 hours. It takes 24 hours to activate you account for live streaming. Once activated, you can go live instantly."
    2. You may also be prompted to verify your account via phone call or text message. This is intended to ensure that you are human. Once you have verified your account, return to step 2 above and proceed from there. 
  4. A pop-up window opens where you fill out your Live Stream information:
    1. Make sure you are in the Stream tab
      Youtube studio. Options Stream, webcam, manage and stream now classic. Stream highlighted.
    2. Create an Event title and add an optional description.
    3. Choose your stream's viewability:
      • Public: Anyone can search for and view
      • Unlisted: Anyone with the link can view
      • Private: Only you can view
        • Note: Select private only for testing; otherwise no one else will be able to view your stream.
    4. Choose a category that best fits your stream from the dropdown menu
    5. If scheduling the livestream ahead of time, toggle the switch Schedule for later and then select the date and start time for your stream.
    6. Upload an optional thumbnail for people to see if they are searching for your Livestream.
    7. Select the Yes or No radio button under Is this video made for kids?
      • Note: Unless children are the primary audience for the stream, select No.
    8. Click Create Stream.
  5. A window appears with your Stream Key and Stream URL. For a pre-scheduled livestream, you will need this information later. Copy and paste them on your computer such as in a note or text file.  
    Image of Stream setup help window with step two's Steam key and Stream URL highlighted
  6. In the upper-right, select the share button and copy the Livestream URL. Add this link to your saved links file from step 5.

Setting Up the Stream in Zoom

  1. Find the scheduled meeting you will livestream in your list of upcoming meetings
  2. Select the meeting topic
    The upcoming meetings list in umn.zoom.us/meeting showing the meeting start times, topics, and meeting ID numbers
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Live Streaming tab.
    The Poll and Live Streaming tabs at the bottom of a meeting details page, Live Streaming is highlighted
  4. Select configure live stream settings 
    The Live Streaming tab in a scheduled meeting details page with the configure live stream settings link highlighted
  5. A pop up window opens with fields to input the Stream URL, Stream Key, and Live streaming page URL you saved from your streaming platform. Fill in each field and click Save.
    The Configure the custom live stream pop up window - each field is filled out with sample information from Youtube Live

Steps to Complete Immediately Before Your Live Stream

Begin these steps at least half an hour before the start of your event.

  1. Start your Zoom meeting
  2. Select the More... button on the Zoom meeting control toolbar
  3. Choose Live on Custom Live Streaming Service.
    • Note: This starts the Live Stream process with the settings you entered in the Setting Up the Stream in Zoom section above, and opens the live stream for viewing in your web browser. The Live stream is not live on YouTube yet.
  4. Start your stream on your streaming platform. 
    1. If using Youtube Live through Live on Custom Live Streaming Service, go back to your YouTube Live Stream window.
      • If you do not have your Live Stream window open anymore:
        1. Click the Create a Video or Post button (camera with a plus symbol) in the upper right-hand corner of the Youtube homepage.
          The buttons in the upper right-hand corner of the Youtube website - the Create a video or post button is highlighted
        2. Choose Go Live
        3. Click the Manage tab
        4. Click on the title of the stream that you setup in Step 4
        5. Click the Go Live button in the upper right-hand corner

Using Live on YouTube to Go Live Instantly

There may be situations where you would like to stream your meeting on YouTube and do not have a meeting scheduled ahead of time. You can choose to go live:

  • In the middle of a Zoom meeting
  • After starting a new Zoom meeting
  • Directly from YouTube using your UMN account

As a host, if you have enabled the YouTube option in your Zoom settings, you can go live on YouTube from within any Zoom meeting.
zoom setting allow live streaming meetings. facebook and workplace by facebook unchecked. Youtube checked and highlighted. Custom live streaming service checked.

Going Live from Your Zoom Meeting

  1. From your Zoom meeting, click More...
  2. Select Live on Youtube.
  3. A new window pops up, prompting you to select an account to go live with. Choose your UMN account.
    • Note: If this is your first time connecting your account, you will be prompted to give YouTube access to Zoom, your webcam, and microphone. 
      Select your umn account to go live
  4. On the next screen, give your YouTube livestream a title and select your preferred privacy option for viewing:
    • Public: Anyone can search for and view
    • Unlisted: Anyone with the link can view
    • Private: Only you can view
      • Note: Select private only for testing; otherwise, no one else will be able to view your stream.
        Broadcast zoom meeting to youtube live. Connect account and options for zoom meeting title on youtube, privacy, and Go live! button.
  5. Click Go Live! You will be taken to your LiveStream feed on YouTube.

Stopping the Live Stream and Ending the Meeting

Ending the Live Stream Using Custom Streaming Service 

If you are If you are using YouTube Live, continue to the next section

If you are streaming to Youtube Live using Live on Custom Live Streaming Service you can end the stream on YouTube.

  1. Click the End Stream button in the upper right-hand corner to end your broadcast.
  2. Continue to the next section.

Ending the Livestream and Ending the Zoom Meeting

  1. In the Zoom meeting, click the More... button in the meeting control toolbar
  2. Choose Stop Live Stream
  3. Click the End Meeting button on the meeting control toolbar to end your meeting for all participants
  4. A confirmation box opens. Choose End Meeting for All.

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