Zoom: Access to University Data

When entering into a contract with Zoom, the University's Office of Information Technology ensured full review of the contract terms and conditions and Zoom's privacy policy. Some amount of data collection is necessary for Zoom to operate.

Zoom does not allow:

  • marketing companies
  • advertisers
  • or anyone else

-to access personal data in exchange for payment. Zoom is explicit in their privacy policies on the topic of selling data. The University's agreement with Zoom meets all of the University's obligations under applicable data privacy laws including FERPA and HIPAA. 

Ways Zoom Uses Your Data

Example cases when Zoom uses your data:

  • If you want Zoom to send an email invite to participants of a meeting, Zoom processes email addresses of invitees. 
  • If you turn on meeting recording, Zoom records the meeting.
    • The storage and use any recording is completely controlled by the user and the University, not Zoom. 

Using Zoom with Your Account

  • Use your University email to establish a Zoom account by logging in.
    • Do not log into Zoom using Facebook or a personal account when accessing University courses or meetings.
  • Do not provide credit and/or debit card information to Zoom.
    • Zoom for the University of Minnesota is not authorized for use of any kind of payment card (PCI) transaction.
    • There are apps available through the Zoom Marketplace.
      • Note: The University has not reviewed and does not endorse the individual purchase or usage of apps. Apps are not required to make full use of Zoom through the University's contract.
  • If you are departing the University, please refer to Use An Alternate Account After Leaving the University for additional information.

Other University Integrations with Zoom

The University has approved and installed enterprise apps to use with Zoom such as:

University Information Security reviews all integrations before implementation. If you choose to purchase an app, you are doing do so on their own volition and outside of the terms and conditions of the University's contract. 


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