TDX Reports: Modify Your Report

After you have copied an existing report, you will need to modify it for your own needs. You can also use these instructions to modify any original report you created. 

Modifying your report

  1. Go to the report you have copied or created.
  2. Click on the Actions button, and select Edit from the drop-down menu.
  3. Scroll down to the Add filtering to your report section. 
  4. Find the row that has the Resp Group field in it.
    • Click the X next to the current Value(s) field to delete the current setting.
    • Type the name of your own group, or use the Lookup Field to find the applicable Group name(s) for your report.
      Report filter window with Resp Group field highlighted, arrow pointing to X
  5. Make any other filter changes to customize the report for yourself.
  6. Scroll down to the Set the visibility of this report section to make the report visible to other responsible groups. 
    • Note: you cannot add individual names in this field. 
  7. (Optional)Add a Chart to your report, if desired.
    • Click into the Type field and select the desired chart type. Note: Based on the chart type you select, there will be additional fields to customize the chart. 
  8. (Optional): Choose how you want the report to appear on your desktop: Grid or Chart.
  9. (Optional): Email Report Results to other Users
  10. Click Save and Run (at top) to see the results of your customized report.
  11. Go back to the U of M Tickets app and press Refresh.
    • Scan the left navigation under the ticket reports lists. The customized report you just made should be listed with the title you gave your report. 
    • Click your customized report and run it to see updated results.

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