TDX Reports: Email Report Results to other Users

You can email report results to other people, whether or not they have access to TDNext. You can also set up the report to run on a specific schedule and email the results to users with that schedule.

Emailing report results to other users

  1. Go to the report.
  2. Click the Actions button, and select Show Details from the drop-down menu. A Report Details window opens.
  3. Click Actions in the Report Details window, and select Add Delivery Schedule from the drop-down menu. The Delivery Schedule window will open.
  4. Click on the Lookup icon next to the Recipients field.
  5. Click the Both radio button next to the search field.
  6. Search for the user you would like the report to be emailed to. 
  7. Check the recipients' name in the search results and click Insert Checked. The search box closes and the Add Delivery Schedule window will have the user you selected listed in the Recipients field.
  8. Set the report Interval, Time, and Format fields for what you need to send.
  9. Select Save.

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