TDX Reports: Copy an Existing Report

There are many existing reports already available to you in TDX that might generate the type of information you need. You can copy one of these reports and modify the report for your own needs.

Copying an existing report

  1. Navigate to the U of M Tickets tab at the top of the page.
    U of M Tickets tab highlighted
  2. Go to the left hand navigation menu and select the name of the report you'd like to view.
    • You can choose a report that someone else has made.
    • If the report name contains the word Group's or Group, that report serves as a template. You will need to copy and modify the report with your own group's information before running it to get any usable data.
      List of selectable reports
  3. Click Actions and select Copy from the drop-down menu. The Copy Report window opens with an editable title field. 
  4. Enter a New Name that signifies this is your own report. Keep in mind best practices for naming conventions.
  5. Leave the Copy Visibility Permissions? box unchecked so it is not automatically shared with everyone and is visible only to you. (You will be able to share your report to specific groups later.)
    Copy Report window with New Name field and Copy Visibility Permissions checkbox highlighted
  6. Click Save at the top of the window. Another window opens asking if you want to view the new report, make another copy, or close the window.
    New window with View the new report highlighted
  7. Select View the New Report. The report settings will open in a new tab.

You will need to modify your report for your own purposes to make it useful to you.

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