TDX Problem: Resolve a Problem Ticket

Once a solution has been implemented for a Problem, then the Problem ticket can be resolved.

Resolving a Problem Ticket

  1. Open the Problem ticket.
  2. Select Actions and choose Update in the dropdown menu.
  3. Change Problem Status to Resolved.
  4. Complete the Comments field with the overall resolution of the Problem.
  5. Fill in the Notify field with the name of the Responsible Group. 
  6. Fill in the Notify Other People field with others who should be advised of the resolution.
  7. Add any additional email addresses in the Email Other People field, if applicable.
  8. Select the Create new article radio button if a new Knowledge Base article based on the information discovered in the Problem ticket should be drafted. 
  9. Fill out Problem State with applicable resolution status of either Known Error or Permanent Fix, depending on the outcome of the Problem ticket. 
  10. Write thorough resolution details in the Root Cause Analysis field including a workaround if any.
  11. Select Save (top of window).

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