TDX Problem: Work a Problem Ticket

Two actions commonly taken when working a problem ticket are assigning tasks and providing status updates for technicians. This article covers updating technicians on the status of a Problem.

Working the Problem Ticket to provide status updates for technicians 

  1. Open the Problem ticket.
  2. Click Actions; and select Update from the dropdown menu.
  3. Update the New Status dropdown menu if the communication changes the status of the Problem. 
  4. Write any updates technicians should be aware of in the Comments box.
    • The box labeled Make comments private (only visible to U of M Tickets users) should be checked by default. Make sure it is checked BEFORE saving the ticket so the updated work notes do not get sent to users.
  5. Complete the Notify and Notify Other People fields according to who needs to be notified of the update.
    • Be sure to include any other groups and/or people outside of the Responsible Group who should also be notified.
  6. Select Save (top of window). The Problem ticket feed will be updated with the status update and Comments you wrote.

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