TDX Knowledge: Submit an Article for Approval

Anyone can create a new Knowledge Base article and submit it for approval by an editor. 

Before someone submits an article, they should have reviewed it for technical accuracy first. 

  • Group Knowledge Editors can approve articles owned by their Group.
  • Global Knowledge Editors can approve any article regardless of ownership.

Note: It is good practice for Editors to have someone else approve their articles.

When an article is approved (or rejected), the Owner will be notified by email. Rejected articles are returned to the Owner. 

Submitting an Article for Approval

  1. Search for Knowledge to find the article, if necessary.
  2. Open the article. 
  3. Change the Ownership to your group if you still own the article. 
    • If the article is meant to be owned by another group, make sure to notify the new group so they are aware of the change. Changing ownership does not automatically notify the assigned group.
    • When you change the ownership of an article to another group, you will no longer be able to submit it for approval. 
  4. Click Submit Article. Your article submits and the screen refreshes. 
    • If you are a technician, you will see 2 buttons in your sidebar: Share and Add to Favorites.
      Share and Add to Favorites buttons
    • If you are an editor, you will see 3 additional buttons:
      • Edit Article
      • Approve
      • Reject
        Share, Edit Article, Add to Favorites, Approve, Reject buttons
    • The article's History (under the article itself) will update to show its Changed Status
    • The article's Details will indicate its new status of Submitted.
      Article Details with a Status of Submitted

After an editor reviews the article, it will either be approved or rejected. 

Additional Resources

  • Checklist for Approving Knowledge
  • Office of Information Technology editors should have another editor approve their articles. 
  • In general, it is best for editors to have a different editor approve their articles.

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