TDX Knowledge: Send a Knowledge Base Article to a User

You can help our users help themselves by providing them with links to knowledge articles published to the Technology Help website or wherever your department publishes its knowledge base articles for the public. 

Sending an Article Link to a User 

  1. Search the Knowledge Base for an appropriate article that will address the user's needs. 
  2. Verify the article is published to the Technology Help website.
    • When you are viewing an article, its status appears in the Details area. Published: Yes means the article is available on the Technology Help website (The Public flag does not indicate availability.)
      Knowledge Base Article, Details section. Published: Yes highlighted.
  3. Go to the Technology Help website to find the article's URL.
  4. Enter the article title and URL into the ticket's Comments field. 
    • Uncheck the Make comments private (only visible to U of M Tickets users) checkbox so the user gets the communication.
  5. Click into the Notify field and select the Requestor.
  6. Press Save. The Requestor will get the message you typed into the Comments box with the article title and its associated URL.

Sending Internal Article Information

Sometimes an approved article that is not published for public use contains information that would be useful to the user. 

  1. Copy and paste the desired text from the approved article into the ticket Comments field. 
  2. Edit it as necessary to make it customer-friendly.
    • Be sure to remove any information that the user should not see and/or is irrelevant to them.

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