TDX Knowledge: Publish an Article to the [email protected] Website

Global Knowledge Editors can publish any article, regardless of ownership, to the [email protected] website. It is best to publish only those articles your group owns though you may be called on to review and publish articles on behalf of another group. 

  • If you need to have an article published to the [email protected] website and do not have access to a Global Knowledge Editor, you can submit a Request to Publish Knowledge. A Global Knowledge Editor will review the article and communicate with you.

Global Knowledge Editors should ALWAYS communicate with the appropriate stakeholders before publishing knowledge and should follow the Checklist for Publishing Knowledge.

Note: It is good practice for Global Knowledge Editors to have someone else approve their articles.

Publishing an article to [email protected]

Only articles in an Approved state can be published.

  1. Search for the article if necessary.
  2. Review it for clarity and technical accuracy. 
  3. Open the article in edit mode.
  4. Select the Settings tab.
    1. Make sure Category is set to Published Articles
    2. Make sure the Status is Approved. If it isn't, you can change it now.
    3. Scroll down and check the Published to KB checkbox.
      Published to KB checkbox checked.
    4. Add any Knowledge Internal Notes, if necessary.
  5. Click Save
  6. Select the article title breadcrumb to return to view mode.
    • The article's History (under the article itself) will update to show the Published flag was Changed from "No" to "Yes"
    • The article's Details indicate its new status of Published.
      Details of an articles showing the Status is Approved.

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