TDX Knowledge: Address Article Feedback

Addressing feedback in a timely fashion is an essential part of keeping our knowledge resources up to date. 

When someone gives feedback on an article, everyone in the group that owns the article receives an email. Only editors can mark individual pieces of feedback on articles as addressed or unaddressed.

  • Group Knowledge Editors can address feedback for any article their Group owns.
  • Global Knowledge Editors can address feedback for any article.

In this article:

Addressing Article Feedback

  1. Go to an article with Feedback using any one of the following methods:
    1. In U of M Tickets, in the left hand sidebar, scroll down to the Knowledge Base Feedback Reports section, and run the My Group's Unaddressed Article Feedback report
      U of M Tickets application sidebar with report highlighted
    2. Click the article link at the bottom of the feedback notification email message.
      sample feedback link
    3. Go to the Feedback tab in the Knowledge Base to see a list of the feedback users have added for articles. The list will default to articles that you own (if any). 
      • Change the Owner to your Group to see all the feedback for your Group's articles.
        TDX Knowledge Base interface feedback view; includes Search options followed by the list of feedback​​​​
    4. Search the Knowledge Base for a particular article.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the article.
  3. Click the Feedback link. The number of Feedback Comments is listed in parentheses.
    The feedback information: name of person who left the feedback; whether the article was helpful or not; the specific feedback, timestamp; link to mark addressed
  4. Read the Comments
    • The first line of the feedback is determined by whether the user clicked Yes or No to the question Was this helpful?
  5. Click Edit Article in the right column. Open it in a new window so you can refer back to the Feedback. The article content opens to the Content tab in edit mode.
  6. Click Save. You will remain in edit mode. 
  7. Return to the window displaying the Feedback.
  8. Click Marked Addressed. The feedback is addressed and the link changes to Mark Not Addressed.
    The Feedback information is updated to show that the editor addressed it on that date at that time. The Mark Addressed link has toggled to Mark Not Addressed.

Following-Up With the User Who Added Feedback

It is important to respond to the person who added feedback on an article so they know their feedback has been received and addressed (or not).

  1. Click Create TicketThe Select Application/Form window opens. (available after TDX Release 11.6, 12/3/22)
    Feedback displayed with Create Ticket highlighted
  2. Under U of M Tickets, select Incident Form. The Incident Form window opens, with the feedback submitter pre-populated as the Requestor, and their feedback pre-populated as the Description.
  3. Fill out the remaining fields of the Incident and click Save.
  4. Take responsibility for the Incident, then respond to the person to thank them for the feedback and let them know what you did (or didn't do) to address it.
  5. Resolve the Incident according to your team's normal process.

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