TDX Change: Overview of the Change Process Workflow

Once you have filled out and submitted a Change Ticket, the change ticket goes into a series of defined ticket tasks to process the change. The Current Activities area on the right side of the ticket will update with the next step in the ticket workflow. The workflow is a combination of approvals and ticket tasks in the following order:

  • Service Owner / Responsible Manager (Approval): This task will be sent to the Manager of the group listed in the Responsibility field for them to approve.
    Service Owner/Responsible Manager approval task on a change ticket
  • CAB Approval (Approval): After the Responsible Manager/SO has approved, the ticket goes to CAB Approval. The change should be brought to CAB and discussed, and the CAB Approvers group will approve it during that meeting.
    CAB approval step in the Current Activities box of a Change ticket
  • Implement Change (Task): When the change implementation begins, the Status of the Change ticket should be updated to In Process
    • The Implementation Change (Task) should then be filled out and completed by the group implementing the change. It is assigned to who is listed as Responsible on the ticket. 
    • Once the change has been implemented, this task can be marked 100% complete. 
    • At this point, the Change Successful field can be updated to the appropriate value based on how the implementation went.
      The Implement Change workflow task in the Current Activities box of a change ticket
  • Post-Implementation Review (Task): This task is added after the Implement Change task is complete. This task is assigned to the CAB Approvers. At the next CAB, recent changes are discussed to take away any lessons learned. Once that review is complete, CAB can document that and complete the Post Implementation Review (PIR) task.
    the Post-Implementation Review Workflow task in the Current Activities box of a Change ticket
  • After the PIR task is complete, the change ticket automatically changes to the Resolved status.

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