TDX: Use the Ticket Calendar to Track Changes

The Ticket Calendar displays all scheduled Change tickets in TDX, increasing Change visibility and helping to reduce potential collisions. The calendar also allows you to filter based on which Changes you would like to see.

View the Ticket Calendar

To get a direct view of all change tickets, you can view the TDX Change Calendar

  1. Log in to Users (TDNext) in TeamDynamix.
  2. Click on the U of M Tickets tab.
  3. Go to the left navigation menu, and click on Ticket Calendar under Standard Reports.
    Ticket Calendar in left navigation of the TDNext application
  4. Click My Searches, and select Change Calendar (All Changes).
    • You can also choose to see just Change Calendar (Normal + Emergency Changes) or any other filtered searches you have created and saved (on this page).
    • When viewing the ticket calendar, change tickets appear in blue and change freezes appear in black.
    • You can adjust the calendar to show Week, Month or List view using options in the top right.

full month view of Ticket Calendar with test black out dates and test changes populated on the calendar

To see the details of the Change ticket, click its title. The Change Details opens in a new window.

Create and save a filtered search of specific Changes

In addition to the standard Change searches available in the My Searches drop-down menu, you can create and save your own filtered searches. These saved searches allow you to quickly view any upcoming changes associated to a specific Service or with a particular Responsible Group.

  1. Navigate to the Ticket Calendar.
  2. Click the green filter icon in the top right corner. A box with various filtering options flies out from the right of the page.
  3. Set the attributes and values relevant to your search.
    • Note: You can adjust between Standard and Custom attributes in the top menu.
  4. Click Apply. The calendar will filter tickets to match the values you selected.
  5. Click Save Search at the top of the calendar. A new window appears.
  6. Enter the name of the saved search in the Save As field, and click Save.

Your saved search will now appear in the My Searches drop-down menu with the name that you gave it.

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