TDX Approvers: Understand Notifications with Ticket Workflows

TDX allows you to Communicate Through the Request Ticket with people associated with the ticket. You can also add additional people who need to receive communication about the ticket when needed. This article covers information about how the notifications work when things are updated on a ticket.

Email Notifications for Multi-step Approvers

TeamDynamix users will not receive email notifications for any workflow step (Approval, Task, Assignment) where the previous step was completed by that user. This applies to Requestor, Supervisor, and Group approvals.

  • For example, if you are both the approver and fulfiller for a service request, and you were the one to approve on behalf of your group, you will not get a notification via email of the incoming fulfillment step. The ticket will still be in your Assigned to Me list and the task will be visible on the ticket. 

Refer to the Current Activities section of a ticket after approving to see if there are any additional actions on the ticket that you need to make.

Email Notifications for Others Outside of the Ticket

Sometimes other people outside of the actual people associated with the ticket need to be kept up-to-date with the status of a request. In this situation, follow Add Contacts to a Ticket for instructions. 

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