Recruitment CRM: Manually Create a Bio

Bios are usually put into the system from outside sources. Sometimes, however, you may have a need to enter Bio information about a Prospect right away or a Prospect that has no other source.

This article tells you how to manually create a Bio record, outside of any other data loading streams. Internal business processes may differ on preferences of how and when to manually add information into CRM.

Creating a Bio

If needed navigate to the Prospect Record.

  1. From your homepage, click on Prospects if showing as a default tab or click on the All Tabs button (+) in the menu bar to display All Tabs and click on Prospects in the list.
  2. On the Prospects Home Tab find the Prospect record that needs the Bio added either by clicking on the Prospect Reference from your default view or by searching the appropriate dropdown selection in the View: menu and clicking Go!
    The View Menu and Prospect Reference highlighted on the Prospects Home Tab
  3. Once the Prospect you want to update shows in the list click on the Prospect Reference to open the Prospect record.

Create a Bio

  1. After you are in the Prospect record there are two ways to get to Bios information:
    • At the top of the Prospect record hovering over the text for Bios brings up a menu where New Bio can be clicked.
      The location of Bios at the top of the Prospect record and the New Bio button
    • Further down underneath the Prospect Detail section of the Prospect record a section titled Bios is available where the New Bio button action is able to be clicked.
      The New Bio button in the Bios section of the Prospect record
  2. From the dropdown on the Select Bio Record Type screen choose Education and click Continue.
    The Select Bios Record Type screen with the dropdown expanded and Continue button highlighted
  3. This brings up the New Bio screen where information is able to be filled in as needed.
    • The Related To and Prospect fields will automatically be filled in with the Contact and Prospect information associated with the Prospect that you are creating the Bio from.
    • School allows you to use the Lookup icon Lookup iconto search for and associate the appropriate Organization record to associate with the Bio.
    • The Degree field lets you choose the appropriate Degree type from the dropdown menu.
    • Start Date and End Date allow you to associate a time period with the Education Bio.
    • The Diploma Received? checkbox allows you to indicate whether a diploma was attained at the institution listed.
    • Description allows you to put information related to the Bio. Check with your internal business processes to see if you're using this field in any particular way.
    • Concentration allows you to indicate a field of study for the Bio. Check with your internal business processes to see if you're using any standard naming conventions for this field.
    • GPA allows you to enter a GPA value.
    • Class Rank (Self-Reported) allows you to select a value from the dropdown menu to associate with class rank.
    • High School Rank (Actual) pulls from Peoplesoft and cannot be modified here.
    • CampusOfInterest will default to your campus when the record is created and cannot be modified.
  4. Fill in all desired information and click on Save at the top or bottom of the screen to be brought to the Bio record.
    The New Bio screen filled out with example information

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