Recruitment CRM: Customize your Default Tabs

Customizing your Tabs can save time. If an Object Tab that you frequently visit is only available on the All Tabs (+) page or if there are tabs in your default view you never use customizing your tabs can make it easier to navigate where you need to be.

Customizing your Default Tabs

  1. Click on your name in top menu bar and select My Settings from the drop-down menu. The My Settings page opens.
    My Settings highlighted in the name menu
  2. Click on Display & Layout to expand the section.
  3. Select Customize My Tabs.
  4. Move items as desired to and from the Available Tabs (these should be items you do not want in your default view) or Selected Tabs (ones that you would like in your default view) by highlighting the items and using the Add or Remove arrows.
    • To select multiple items at once hold down the CTRL key (on Windows) or Œ˜ key (on Mac) and click the desired items with your mouse.
      The Customize My Tabs screen with items selected in the Available Tabs menu and the Add and Remove buttons highlighted
  5. If you would like to change the order that the Selected Tabs appear on your screen use the Up and Down arrows.
    The Selected Tabs menu with an item selected and Up and Down arrows highlighted
  6. Once your desired Tabs have been moved to the appropriate selections click Save.
    The Display Settings Save button

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