Pope Tech: Display the Locations of the Accessibility Errors

Once your site has been crawled and scanned by Pope Tech, locate specific common errors to address. Fixing these accessibility issues will make your site less confusing and more friendly to navigate for your visitors.

Displaying the Locations of the Accessibility Errors

  1. Log in to Pope Tech
  2. From your Dashboard, use the Website dropdown filter to select the desired website if you have access to multiple sites.
    Pope Tech Dashboard. The Website dropdown and the Update button are highlighted.
  3. Select Errors to view the types of errors found on your site.
    Pope Tech Dashboard Result Types pane. The Errors button is highlighted.
  4. Review your Results list to check if your site has the common error you want to resolve.
    Pope Tech Dashboard Errors Results. Common accessibility errors are listed, including Empty link, Empty heading, and Missing alternative text.
    • Note: If your site does not have any errors, you may stop here. If it does, proceed to step 5.
  5. Select the arrows button on the right under the Details column, then select the arrow button under Details again on the next screen.
  6. Select the button in the WAVE (Web Accessibility Evaluation tool) column on the right for the page you want to inspect.
    • Note: For Google Sites, WAVE button does not work. Use the Inspect button instead. The buttons give the same information.
  7. Select the Details tab in the left-hand sidebar and scroll to find the error you are working on.
    Pope Tech Dashboard WAVE pane. The Details tab is selected and highlighted, displaying a list of error icons.
  8. Select the error icon for the error of your choice and the location(s) of the error will be revealed on the page to the right.
    • If nothing happens when you select the error icon under Details, the issue is located inside of an accordion or tab. You will need to expand your accordions or click through your tabs until you find the location of the error. Once you have expanded all accordions, selecting the icon again will reveal the location.

Additional Information

  • You can dismiss an error so it won't flag that error on that site in the future.
    • Pope Tech keeps track of dismissed errors. So you can bring them back if you want that error flagged on the site again.
    • Group Managers of a site can "bulk dismiss" errors.

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