Gmail: Incorrect Display Name


Sometimes names appear in Gmail as "[Internet ID] University of Minnesota" or "Unknown" rather than the usual "[First Name] [Last Name]."


Note: Non-alphabetic characters other than - can cause display problems. 

  • You can suppress all of your information from the public view of the University's (and thereby also Google's) Directory. To make your email address appear correctly in Google, you will need to disable directory suppression. Instructions for this may be found at

  • Names may be incorrect in your inbox settings. To check this, go to Settings in your inbox, then the Accounts tab. You can check your name under Send mail as:
  • Names can be listed incorrectly in Google+. You can edit this on your Google+ Account Page.
  • Information may also need to be updated in for changes to appear in Google. 

These steps can each take up to 24 hours to have full effect. If you continue to have issues, please contact the Technology Help Desk