Enterprise CRM: Verify a Case in Martin

When you get an email saying Case Ready for Verification in Martin, it means that a Case you submitted has been updated in Martin - Our Full Sandbox Environment. Martin is used to test out fixes or enhancements prior to launching to the live Enterprise CRM site in order to avoid incorrect or potentially damaging updates from going through. This article is an overview of what you need to do to test your fix and update your Case with relevant information.


  1. Review the email for steps
  2. Click on the link at the bottom of the email where it says For more details, click the following link:
  3. In the Related To field (upper right), click on the Case number.
  4. Scroll through the Case and read the DescriptionSubject and any relevant Chatter messages to refresh your memory on what the request you made was and what the feature or fix is for that request.
  5. If the case was for a bug or enhancement, test out the fix or new feature in Martin to be sure it works as you had intended/requested:
    • If you feel the fix/feature functions correctly, go back to production.
    • In the Case (referenced in step 4), change the field called Status on the case to have a value of 52 - Verification Confirmed and mark the Task (where you were at step 3) as Complete.
    • If you feel the fix/feature does not work how it is supposed to, change the field called Status on the Case to have a value of 51 - Verification Rejected and add a Chatter comment on the Case (making sure to @mention the support person) explaining what is wrong with the functionality of the feature/fix you requested. You can also and mark the Task (where you were at step 3) as Complete.
    • If you mark a Case as 51 - Verification Rejected, someone from the CRM support team will read your explanation and follow up with next steps

 As a general rule, fixes/features move to production 1 week following their arrival in Martin.