Enterprise CRM Service Console: Update Case Record Types


Sometimes a Case will come into the wrong queue or another group will reassign one of their Cases to you or one of your queues. When this happens there is the possibility for the Case to not have the fields needed to support your internal business processes. This usually means that you need to update the Case to the correct Case Record Type.

Updating Case Record Types

  1. Navigate to the Case, if needed.
  2. Once on the Case record look for the Case Record Type field under Case Information and click on [Change] next to the current Case Record Type. This brings up the Select New Record Type screen.
    The location of Change next to Case Record Type 
    • Not seeing [Change]? You're could be on the Case Edit screen. Click on the Cancel button at the top or bottom of the screen to be brought back to the Case record.
    • Not seeing the Case Record Type at all? You may not have the permissions necessary to update the type of Case Record you're on. Depending on your needs you may want to reassign to the proper group and have them update on their end and/or contact your manager or the internal support team about updating permissions. 
  3. On the Select New Record Type screen use the dropdown menu to select the New Record Type you desire.
  4. Once the appropriate record type is showing in the dropdown click on Continue to save the changes and be brought to the Case Edit screen where you can update the information into the appropriate fields.
    The location of the Continue button on the Select New Record Type screen 

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