Enterprise CRM Service Console: Setup Walk-in Locations and Counters

Walk-in Locations and Counters let you organize your Case and Staff assignment. The instructions below are for how to create a new Walk-in Location and Counters for that location.

If you are looking to review a current Walk-in Location's Cases review the article for Walk-in Case Management.

Setting up Walk-in Locations and Counters

  1. Use the arrow to bring up the dropdown for the Service Console Navigation Tab and select Walk-in Locations.
    Walk-in Locations in the Navigation Tab 
  2. From the Walk-in Locations Tab click on New Walk-in Location
    The location of the New Walk-in Location button 
  3. On the New Walk-in Location screen the fields you fill in with dictate who can see Cases for this Location and where Cases for this location will go. 
    • Role is a required field that allows you to select what types of Users will have access to this location. 
    • Location is a required field which allows you to select what you'd like the location to be called.
      • Note: The default Name for the Walk-in Location that you are creating will be a combination of the Role + Location.
    • The Active checkbox allows you to determine whether or not you want this location to be available to Users to manage.
    • The Walk-in CaseRecordType is a required field that allows you to choose the desired Record Type of Cases for this location in the dropdown menu.
    • The Queue Name Default Case Owner Queue for this Location is a required field that will assign a default Case Queue for this Location. 
      • Note: An existing Queue must be selected. If you need a Queue created for this location submit an internal support case.
  4. Once all of the desired information has been filled in click on Save at the top or bottom of the screen to be brought to the Walk-in Location record.
    The New Walk-in Location screen with information filled in and Save highlighted 
  5. From the Walk-in Location record to add Counters click on the New Walk-in Counter button underneath the Walk-in Location Detail. This brings up with New Walk-in Counter screen.
    A screenshot of the New Walk-in Counter button location on the Walk-in Location record 
  6. From the New Walk-in Counter screen enter the Walk-in Counter Name for the Counter you're creating and use the Active checkbox to indicate if you'd like the Counter to be active or not at this time.
    A New Walk-in Counter screen
  7. If you want to create another Counter click on Save & New to bring up another New Walk-in Counter screen.
    The location of the Save & New button 
  8. If you are finished adding Counters to the Walk-in Location click on Save to be brought to the Counter record.
    The location of the Save button 

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