Enterprise CRM Service Console: Walk-in Case Management

Depending on how your access has been setup you may be assigned to different Walk-in Locations and Counters at different times. This article is intended as instructions to navigate to active Locations and Counters for available Cases and is not intended as a replacement for or change in any current internal business processes.

If you are looking to create or modify a Walk-in Location or Counter itself please review Setup Walk-in Locations and Counters.

Managing Walk-in Cases

  1. Use the arrow to bring up the dropdown for the Service Console Navigation Tab and select Walk-in Location Management.
    The location of Walk-in Case Management in the Navigation Tab 
  2. Select the desired Location and Counter to work on from the dropdown menus and click Start Session.
    The Location and Counter dropdowns filled in and the Start Session button highlighted 
  3. What you do next will largely be determined by internal business processes but an overview of actions that can be taken here are below:
    A screenshot of a Counter with some Cases showing in a list 
    • There are two ways to get to a Case to work on.
      • Clicking on the Next button will bring you to the next available Case.
      • Clicking on Select in the Action column next to a person's Name will bring up that particular Case.
    • Refresh Queue can be used to bring in any new Cases that have come in since you started your session or last refreshed.
    • End Session will end this particular session at this Counter and Location.
    • Call Again can be used if a person does not respond to your call and will pull up the next person in the Case Queue.

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