Enterprise CRM Service Console: Send an email from a Case

Most of the time when working with Cases you'll be managing email communications. The below is an outline of how to navigate to and send an email from a Case record.

When you send an email and what content you use will be dictated by internal business processes.

Sending an Email from a Case

  1. Either search for the desired Case or open the Case from a Queue.
  2. Once on the Case record there are two ways to get to Send an Email:
      • At the top of the Case record hovering over the text for Emails brings up a window where the Send an Email button is able to be clicked.
        The location of Emails and the Send an Email button at the top of a Case 
      • Further down on the page underneath the Case Detail there is an Emails section of the page where there is a Send an Email button that is able to the clicked.
        The location of Send an Email under Case Detail 
  3. Once on the Send an Email screen fields can be manipulated as needed. How you manipulate these fields will likely be determined by internal business processes.
    1. Email Format will either be HTML or Text Only. Clicking on the Switch To... text in the brackets will switch between the two options.
      • HTML will allow you to apply additional formatting and/or paste in formatting from external sources.
      • Text Only will remove formatting and send a plain text version of the email.
      • Note: If using a template and modifying text your changes are only reflected in the HTML version of the template. The changes are not reflected in the text-only version of the email sent to recipients.
    2. To will automatically be filled in with the Contact record associated with the Case.
    3. The Related To field will automatically be filled in with the Case record you created the Email from. 
    4. Additional ToCC, and BCC fields allow you to select co-workers and Contacts as additional recipients or to be copied or blind copied on the email.
    5. Subject will be the subject of the email in the inbox of any recipients. This may be dictated by internal business processes.
    6. The Body field will either be plain text or, if you have clicked the Switch to HTML button, will allow you to apply formatting. You can type, copy and paste, or click on the Select Template button at the top or bottom of the page to choose an Email Template from your available folders.
    7. Attach File can be clicked if a file needs to be added to the email.
    8. Preview allows you to view what the email will look like prior to sending.
    9. Check Spelling can be clicked to look for any spelling errors prior to sending.
  4. Fill in all desired fields for the Email and click on Send to send the email and be brought back to the Case record.
    The buttons on the Send an Email