Drupal Lite: Create a New Vocabulary to Organize Content

This article applies to Drupal Lite.

The Taxonomy module is used to organize content on the site. Each site has a default vocabulary named Tags that is on all of the default content types. You can add additional vocabularies to your taxonomy to further categorize and organize your site's content.

One useful application of the taxonomy is when creating a View. A View is a list of content that can be displayed on a page. If there is a term in the vocabulary named Faculty, you could use that term in the View to only display Biography pages that are tagged Faculty. To create a view, please refer to the article Drupal Lite: Create a New View to Display a List of Content on a Page

This is the first of three tasks to Create a New Set of Tags (aka Vocabulary).

Additionally, your role in Drupal may not have access to this tool. Contact the site owner for additional information.

Creating a New Vocabulary

  1. Select Structure in the Administrator toolbar.
  2. Select Taxonomy.
  3. Select Add Vocabulary. The Add Vocabulary form is displayed.
    1. Enter a name in the Name field (required).
    2. Enter a description (optional)
    3. Select Save. The "Created new vocabulary" message will appear.

Next Tasks

Creating a new vocabulary has a few steps. To complete the process, continue with the following tasks:

  1. Add a New Term to an Existing Set of Tags (aka Vocabulary)
  2. Add a New Vocabulary to an Existing Content Type

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