Canvas: Prepare Final Grades

Before you can successfully submit your course grades to Faculty Center/PeopleSoft, there are some preliminary steps to prepare the final grades.

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This article is part of the Prepare and Submit Grades to Faculty Center/PeopleSoft self-help guide. See this guide for all steps to preparing and submitting final grades.

Posting Grades for All Assignments 

To ensure students see the same grade in Canvas as they will see on their transcript, post grades for all assignments you want included in the final grade calculation before you submit final grades to PeopleSoft. 

Resolving Missing Assignments

  • Some colleges have a function turned on in the gradebook that allows you to view ungraded assessments as 0. If your college uses that functionality, be sure that it is turned off (see end of linked article) in your gradebook to accurately prepare your grades.
  • Enter zeros for any missing assignment(s) manually or by setting a default grade. Without an explicit zero, Gradebook treats the missing assignment as null and removes the assignment from the grade calculation. If you do not enter a zero for missing assignments, students will see an inflated grade in Canvas that does not accurately represent their actual grade.
  • To excuse a student from an assignment in the gradebook, change the status of the submission by typing "EX" in the appropriate Gradebook cell; the assignment will not be calculated as part of the student's overall grade.

Reviewing the Grades in the Total Column of your Gradebook

  • Make sure the Canvas Gradebook total matches the course total points described in your syllabus.
  • If a student is auditing your course, their grade displayed here will not be posted in Faculty Center/PeopleSoft. 
  • When submitting grades to PeopleSoft, grades of 'F' or 'N' must include a last date of participation. See Use the Access Report to Help Determine the Student's Last Date of Engagement to find the information you will need.
  • Consider manually calculating the grades for one or two students in your course to be sure gradebook calculations match your expectations.
  • If you wish to change a final grade for a student, use the Final Grade Override tool. 

Using Grades of 'I', 'K', or 'X' 

Grades of 'I', 'K', or 'X' are not calculated grades and cannot be generated by the Canvas gradebook. These can be entered manually in Faculty Center/PeopleSoft after grades have been sent.

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