The Destiny One Registration System (DORS) is a web-based software solution for nontraditional higher education. It is a learner centric platform that works by integrating with the campus-computing environment to support the management and growth of non-credit programs, online learning, corporate engagement, and more.

There are two interfaces:

  • A public interface at learning.umn.edu is used by learners to register for courses, request a drop, print a transcript, view his or her account history, and more. It is also used by class instructors to view class lists and enter grades.

  • An administrative interface at destiny.umn.edu is used by staff to set up courses, sections, or conference sessions; manage enrollment and finances; and run reports.

Academic Support Resources manages the vendor relationship and provides all support and training to users of the application.


The system is integrated with the following services and applications:

Getting Started

Members of the Public, Learners, and Instructors

  • Visit learning.umn.edu.
  • Select an item in the main menu to find courses, certificates, or programs.
  • Select login (in the upper right) if you are a returning learner or need to register for a guest account login.

Staff Administrators

Additional Resources