News from Google: Team Drives is being renamed to Shared Drives

Team Drives is now Shared Drives

Google recently announced that the Team Drives feature of Google Drive will be renamed to “Shared Drives.” All features and permissions will stay the same, only now references to Team Drives will read as Shared Drives across Drive File Stream and Drive for web and mobile.

This change will not impact Team Drives functionality; it is simply a name change.

Full rollout timeline (Allow 1-3 days for feature visibility):

  • Starting May 21 - iOS devices

  • Starting May 28 - Android devices

  • Starting May 31 - Drive File Stream

  • Starting June 3 - Drive on the web

Learn more about the change and current rollout dates.

Note: The name change will impact Google Drive File Stream file paths, so users will need to update file paths to “Shared Drives” as soon as possible after May 31 to avoid broken paths. We anticipate that users may request help remapping their file paths. Learn about how to map file paths.

If you have any questions regarding this change, contact Technology Help.