Task-Based Usability Evaluations

Task-based Usability Evaluations are useful when your design is getting close to being fully functional but you still have some ability to change the interface or content. This approach is also used when we are testing vendor products that the University is considering buying.

From this process, you will learn:

  • What works and does not work for your users

  • What issues to prepare your help desk to handle

  • Where training is most needed

Here is an example from Steve Krug of what a task-based usability evaluation can look and sound like:

Note: the video jumps forward to 8m 13s, a good place to begin viewing.

If you’re interested in bringing in your project for task-based usability evaluations, please fill out the Usability Services Request Form, and we will be in contact within one business day.

A woman sitting at a computer with a usability consultant sitting next to her.

Intended Audience

Staff & Departments
Health Sciences Affiliates
IT Staff and Partners