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Storage Portfolio Restructuring Initiative

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Redesigning OIT Storage Services for the University of Minnesota community 

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Storage services provided by the Office of Information Technology (OIT) at the University of Minnesota are undergoing a major refresh of the technology and service offerings.

Currently, storage service offerings are grouped together under General Data Storage and Storage for Servers, as well as the individual technology offerings for storage such as Google Drive, Shared (Team) Drive, Box Secure Storage, and others.

The Office of Information Technology will be diversifying the portfolio of storage offerings by use cases and creating new service offerings for the University community. These new services will replace the existing OIT storage services.

Backup Storage

This service will provide a reliable and inexpensive place to copy or sync data that does not need to be backed up, snapped, or replicated. This service will provide a space for users to sync a copy of data files from other servers or desktops.

Departmental Storage

This service will provide "mapped drives" for staff and departmental shares for UMN departments. It is intended for primary work, administrative data, files used in daily work-life that do not involve transactions or applications. 

Research Data Storage

Storage for researchers for current research data that does not involve high transactions. Active research files can live here awhile (such as datasets, research lab materials). Storage intended for longer-term storage of research data before it's totally inactive while it's not being actively processed in a scratch space.

Application Storage

This service would provide shared application space for departmental applications.

Cloud Storage Services

Cloud-based storage for the University community. Always available, low performance, long term storage. Includes secure cloud storage options. Current technologies include: Google Drive, Team/Shared Drive, Box, Kaltura MediaSpace.

High Performance Storage

This service provides a high-performance, temporary space for data to live while being actively processed. Space to run data analytics and other highly-transactional workloads against data sets, without being stored on a permanent basis. Scratch space, short term storage.

Static Storage

This service provides long-term storage for information that isn't frequently accessed, but needs to remain available and accessible. Mostly available, low performance, or could be described as “cold storage.”

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