WorkflowGen is an environment that enables collegiate and business units to generate web-based forms with defined business process pathways. Units and users are able to monitor the progress of submitted forms.

In addition, IT professionals can create enhanced or custom forms by adding complex integration functions and/or transforming the web form into a sophisticated web application.


  • All departments at the University of Minnesota are eligible to use WorkflowGen for their business processes.
  • All students, staff, and faculty can use WorkflowGen to start and manage requests.
  • To create a simple workflow process with the form designer, you will need someone who has business analyst skills and Workflow Gen training.
  • More complex processes with database integration and/or using custom forms (not created with the form designer) will require the business analyst to work with someone with junior developer (C#) skills.
  • WorkflowGen is meant to be used as a processing application only, and should not be used to collect or store private data.

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