The workflow is managed through the workflow tab. The beginning view is the start point:
There are two options for creating forms in WorkflowGen.
In WorkflowGen-CDEV, navigate to Admin and then to Processes.Select the appropriate folder for your new process, and select New process.<
Email templates in WorkflowGen enable easy, consistent communication.
When a WorkflowGen instance is ready to be moved to production, send a request to [email protected].
In WorkflowGen, "participants" can be defined as any people who interact with your process. In general there are three participant roles for a process:
Grouper is a tool that enables departments to create and manage groups in both the Customer Devel
WorkflowGen consists of two public-facing instances: a customer development instance and


All departments at the University of Minnesota are eligible to use WorkflowGen for their business processes. 

Self-Help Guides

There are several steps involved in developing web-based forms with defined business process pathways using WorkflowGen.