Demonstrate Abstract Processes Effectively using Video

Demonstration videos help students learn because they can both see and hear the proper way to do things at every step. In some cases, videos can provide a better view than a live demonstration, and students can review the process as many times as they wish. Some processes are straightforward insofar as they can be described as a sequence of events. Other processes are abstract and present instructors with unique challenges because they are not easily described as a linear sequence.


Abstract processes are difficult to demonstrate because they are often theoretical and difficult to understand and  not applied or practical. Professor Will Durfee, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, confronted this challenge in trying to convey the decision-making process to his freshman Engineering students. He, with support from Academic Technology Support Services (ATSS), used video effectively to demonstrate this abstract and challenging process.


This video demonstrates how effective speaking strategies, combined with media elements, can make it easier for students to follow the presentation and to understand concepts more clearly. The narration is well-organized with a clear introduction and conclusion and clearly delineated main points. Media elements further help students follow and understand the presentation. See how video, audio, and text combine for greater impact by reviewing the annotated video below.