Minitab (Minitab)

Minitab, originally intended as a tool for teaching statistics, is a general-purpose statistical software package designed for easy interactive use. Minitab is well suited for instructional applications, but is also powerful enough to be used as a primary tool for analyzing research data.

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Purchase or Download

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For installation on a University-owned device

License available from Minitab
Paid for with departmental funds

For installation on an employee's personal device

License available from Minitab
Paid by employee

For installation on a student's personal device

License available from Minitab
Paid by students

Instructions for Departments, Employees, and Students

A student, staff, or faculty license for Minitab can be obtained through Minitab directly. 

  1. Download a trial.
  2. For additional licensing options, contact Minitab.

Terms and Conditions

General Technology Products Terms & Conditions apply to this software license. If additional terms and conditions apply to this item, they will be listed below.


Please follow the terms and conditions as provided by Minitab Inc.


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