Canvas: Request Process for Learning Tools for Canvas

Additional learning tools, sometimes called learning apps, external tools or LTI's, can be added on to Canvas to extend the core functionality and features of the system. The decision to integrate a new learning tool into Canvas must include input and evaluation by several University units in order to ensure that integrations are technically feasible, are valuable additions, and assure student privacy. Tools are reviewed by members of the University community that may include collegiate administration, technology staff, and/or instructional staff.

Throughout this process, the Canvas team will ensure that tool requests, decisions, and status are transparent.

Important Information

Initial Review

The review includes prioritization of a tool using a standardized rating rubric resulting in an overall score. The rubric includes criteria deemed significant such as

  • how the tool might influence teaching and learning,
  • to what extent the tool is important to the program and goals of a college or department, and
  • how the tool might foster innovative teaching practices.

Higher scoring tools are prioritized more quickly to move to the next stage, called Technical Review.

Lower scores may be the result of various considerations such as

  • accessibility or FERPA concerns,
  • cost, or
  • duplicative functionality available in another tool.

Lower scoring tools likely will take considerably longer to integrate due to these concerns. Requesters with lower scoring tools are encouraged to seek potential alternatives. Upon completion of Technical Review, tools are presented to the learning management system governance group for final approvals.

Technical Review

Learning tools exchange data with a third-party vendor, and for this reason the University needs to protect the privacy and security of students, faculty and course data. A thorough vetting process can take up to six months.

When a requested tool reaches the vetting stage, a number of factors go into the final approval for integration, including: