Pope Tech is a web accessibility checking tool available for use with UMN websites. Website editors can use Pope Tech to scan a website for accessibility issues and view a report of specific accessibility errors along with their exact location. You can use this information to resolve accessibility errors on your website, helping your content reach its intended audience.


  • See comprehensive reports on accessibility errors and alerts on your website.
  • Set up scheduled scans of your website to continually monitor accessibility.
  • Locate specific accessibility errors and get guidance on how to resolve those errors right from the tool.
  • Can crawl and scan both development and production sites.

Note: Pope Tech does not currently scan for broken links or spelling/grammatical errors; it is solely an accessibility checker.

Getting Started

If you need access to Pope Tech, contact the Group Manager(s) for your unit. If you do not know who your Group Manager is, please email [email protected].

Already have access? See Log in and Get Started to begin making your website more accessible.