Zoom: Designate an Alternative Host

Use this feature if you want to let someone else host a meeting or webinar that you have scheduled. This may be helpful if you are out of the office or late to your meeting or webinar.

Note: When you designate an alternative host, that user or departmental account will receive an email notifying them that they've been added as an alternative host, with a link to start the meeting or webinar.

This article covers the following:

Alternative host vs. Co-host

Alternative host

Alternative hosts have full host privileges until the host account joins the meeting

  • When the host joins the meeting, the alternative host becomes the co-host if the co-host option is enabled in the host's global zoom settings
  • When the host joins the meeting, the alternative host becomes a regular participant if the co-host setting is not enabled 

Refer to the Alternative Host article in the Zoom Help Center for step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) on designating an alternative host. 

  • The instructions are specific to the device you're using to schedule your meeting. 
  • You can access all of your meeting settings by logging in to umn.zoom.us .


Co-hosts can do almost everything a host can.

Who can be an alternative host?

  • BAA (HCC Zoom, used by the Healthcare Component) and non-BAA (non-HCC Zoom) users can now designate each other as alternative hosts. 
    • Note: Zoom does not use campus-specific email addresses. To add someone as an alternative host, add them with [InternetID]@umn.edu, regardless of their actual email address. This applies to Duluth, Morris, Rochester, and Crookston.
  • Zoom users outside of the University (not using a UMN Zoom account) cannot be added as alternative hosts to an event hosted by an UMN user.
    • Note: If a non-UMN zoom account needs to be designated as a host, they can be added as a co-host or host after the meeting has started. 
  • A UMN departmental account (Department) or student organization account (Student Org) can be designated as an alternative host once it has logged into Zoom.
    • Note: Only university Staff, Friend (sponsored account), Department, or Student Org accounts may host webinars.
  • When editing an alternative host for recurring events, you must add for all occurrences.

Scheduling privileges

You can give another person or departmental account scheduling privilege over your Zoom account, which will make them an alternative host for all of your meetings and webinars and allow them to schedule meetings for you. Read more about Scheduling Privileges.

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