UMN Gmail: Using Google Takeout Transfer Following a Domain Change

You can request that your University of Minnesota Google campus domain be moved from one campus to another. This is usually necessary when students, staff, or faculty members transfer between University campuses. Your email address will change accordingly after a campus domain change. Refer to Google Apps: Change Campus Domain for more information. 

The University of Minnesota does not automatically transfer email and Google Drive documents after a campus domain change. If you wish to do so, you are responsible for transferring your data between domains for your University of Minnesota Google account. You may transfer your email and Google Drive file content using Google Takeout Transfer.

In this article:

Important Information and Limitations

Scope of Use

The scope of this article is limited to data transfers between two different University of Minnesota Google accounts. 

This article's content does apply to you if you transitioned from using one University of Minnesota campus email address to another (for example, [email protected] to [email protected]). 

The article's content does not apply to you if you would like to transfer data between your University of Minnesota Google account and your personal Google account. Refer to Leaving the University (under "Move or Delete Your Personal Files and Data") instead for the applicable step-by-step instructions and information. 

Limitations for Users in Sensitive Data Units

Individuals in sensitive data units require assistance from Technology Help to initiate the data transfer process.
This includes (but is not limited to) individuals associated with: 

  • the Health Care Component (HCC)
  • Health Sciences 
  • the University Foundation 
  • some members of Human Resources (HR) and Academic Support Resources (ASR)

If you are a member of a sensitive data unit and have requested a Google campus domain change, information about how to connect with IT staff and initiate the data transfer process will be emailed to you with your request fulfillment notification. You can also email [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns. 

What data will transfer?

The following data can be transferred:

  • Emails, labels and sub-labels in Gmail
  • Files in folders that are owned by you
  • Shared files that have been "Added to Drive" will be copied
    • Note: the new file will NOT be automatically shared with collaborators from the original document

The following data cannot be transferred:

  • Email filters and other inbox settings
  • Images stored in Google Photos
  • "Shared with Me" Files that have NOT been "Added to Drive"
  • Google Sites, Google Forms, or other third party content in Drive
  • Exceptionally large files

How long will it take?

The amount of time that it takes for the transfer to complete will depend on the amount of data in your account. It may take up to several days if your account had large quantities of data. 

You will receive an email notification once the Google Takeout Transfer is complete.

Transferring Your UMN Google Content Between Campus Domains

  1. Open a new private ("incognito") browsing window.
  2. Navigate to in your private browsing window.
  3. Sign in using the email address associated with your previous University of Minnesota campus.
  4. Finish logging in through the University of Minnesota sign in page using your internet ID and password. 
    University of Minnesota Sign In page. The Internet ID and passwords have example content displayed and the Sign In button at the bottom is highlighted.
  5. You will be presented with the Transfer your content page and a list of steps. 
    To complete the first step, enter your new campus email address, then click the Send Code button. 
    Do NOT close this window/tab, as you will need to return to it.
    Google Takeout Transfer, Transfer your content. The page lists three steps, starting with step 1 to "enter a destination account". The destination (new) email address is entered. The Send Code button is highlighted.
  6. In another web browser window, sign into your new campus (destination account) email address.
  7. Locate the Verify your account email from Google in your destination account inbox, then click Get confirmation code
    Gmail, "Verify your account" email from Google. "A request was made to transfer content to your account from Get a confirmation code below to verify this account. The code will be valid for 24 hours. Learn more. Not expecting this email? Do nothing and no content will be transferred." At the bottom of the email, there is a button to Get confirmation code (highlighted).
  8. Copy the confirmation code listed on the Confirm your transfer page. 
    Confirm your transfer page. "Your confirmation code is EXAMPLE". The code is written in large text. Below that are further instructions to "sign in with and enter this confirmation code to start your transfer. This code is valid for 24 hours. For more information, please visit the Google Accounts Help Center. Continue."
  9. Return to the Transfer your content page in your private browser window.
    Enter the confirmation code and click Verify
    Transfer your content, Verify your destination account. "Check your email for a confirmation code and enter it here. I may take a few minutes for the email to appear in your inbox. Learn more." Below that is a text entry field to enter the confirmation code (highlighted) and two buttons to Verify the code (highlighted) or Resend Code.
  10.  Select which content you would like to copy and transfer using the toggles for Drive and Gmail contents, then click Start Transfer when ready. 
    Transfer your content, Select content to copy and transfer. "Chose the content you'd like to copy and transfer to the other account. People you've shared files with will still have access to the originals. Learn more." is listed with an arrow pointing to Below there are two radio buttons next to Drive and Gmail to select to transfer them or not. At the bottom, the Start Transfer button is highlighted.
  11.  Your data will begin to transfer. No further action is required on your part. 
    • The amount of time this process takes to complete depends on the amount of data. The process can take anywhere from several hours up to a week.
    • You will receive an email notification when the process is complete.
    • You can still access your old campus domain email by signing in with the old email address. 
      Transfer your content, You're all set. "Your copy and transfer for is in progress. It may take up to a week for the transfer to complete. You'll receive an email when it's finished."

Troubleshooting Transfer Problems

If you encounter difficulties when using Google Takeout Transfer, try the following suggested troubleshooting steps. 

  1. Make sure you start the transfer while logged into your old UMN Gmail account rather than the new email address. 
  2. If the transfer process fails, try exporting just one type of content at a time.
    • For example, you can first transfer your email data. Then, when this has completed, start a second transfer of your Google Drive data.
  3. If large files fail to download, download the file(s) directly from Google Drive to your computer. You can then upload the file to Google Drive in the account associated with your new campus domain.

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