Google Apps: Change Campus Domain

You can request that your internet/email account be moved from one campus to another. This requires that we move you out of your old campus into your new one. Your email address will change accordingly. (Ex: [email protected] -> [email protected])

Once your email has changed domains, messages sent to the old campus will automatically reroute to your current campus. You will be responsible for transferring your data between the two accounts.

Note: Applicants will not be able to fill out the form listed below. Please email [email protected] with Your name, InternetID, alternate email, what Domain you're in, and what Domain you would like to be moved to.

Part 1: Change Domain

  1. Submit Request: Please complete this request form to initiate the migration of your account. 
  2. Domain Transfer Completed: We will send a confirmation email once the process is complete. This is now an instant process.
  3. Move Your Data: See Part 2 for detailed information on transferring your Google App data from one campus domain to the other. 

Part 2: Move Your Data

Health Care Affiliated Accounts

If your position, or any previous position you have held at the U, is affiliated with health care, your account may have some restrictions preventing you from transferring your data yourself.

Please state in your request to have your email transferred, or email us at [email protected] with a request to transfer your mail. This can only be done after you've changed campuses.

Note: this is only for email; for documents on Google Drive, change the owner to your new email address

Other Accounts

If your account is not affiliated with health care, you can transfer your data yourself. Please use an incognito window go to

  1. Open an incognito window
  2. Go to
  3. Log in with your old campus account as your user name
    • Ex: When moving from Duluth to the Twin Cities, you would log in as [internetid]
  4. Fill out the form to transfer your data to your new campus account
    • Ex: When moving from Duluth to the Twin Cities, you would transfer the data to [internetID]
  5. Log into your new campus account and confirm the transfer

Campus Names

Here are the email suffixes for each of the campuses:

  • Twin Cities:
  • Duluth:
  • Morris:
  • Crookston:
  • Rochester:
    • ONLY staff members are in the Rochester domain; there should be no students with email addresses.