Google Apps: Change Campus Domain

You can request that your University of Minnesota Google domain be moved from one campus to another. This is often necessary when students, staff, or faculty members transfer to a new University campus.

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Changing Google Campus Domains

You must submit a domain change request (on this page) in order to change your Google campus domain. It will not be updated automatically based on enrollment or employment. 

Your email address will change accordingly after a campus domain change. For example, if you request a change from the Crookston domain ([email protected]) to the Duluth domain, your new University email address will be [email protected]

The email suffixes for each of the campus Google domains are as follows:

  • Twin Cities:
  • Duluth:
  • Morris:
  • Crookston:
  • Rochester:
    • Note: ONLY staff members are placed in the Rochester domain and provided with email addresses.
    • Students filling out the request form should select Twin Cities when requesting the new campus affiliation. 

Once your email has changed domains, messages sent to the old campus will automatically reroute to your current campus email address. Any replies or new messages that you compose will be addressed from your new campus domain.

Transferring Data Between Domains

If you wish to do so, you are responsible for transferring your data between the two domains for your University of Minnesota account. 

Individuals in sensitive data units require assistance from Technology Help to initiate the transfer process.
This includes (but is not limited to) individuals associated with: 

  • the Health Care Component (HCC)
  • Health Sciences 
  • the University Foundation 
  • some members of Human Resources (HR) and Academic Support Resources (ASR)

While preparing to transfer your data, note the following: 

  • Not all data can be transferred (including email filters, Google account settings, shared files that you do not own, Google sites, Google Forms, etc.).
  • It may take several days for the data transfer process to complete.
  • Exceptionally large files may fail to transfer. 

Refer to UMN Gmail: Using Google Takeout Transfer for more information about transferring your data between University domains.

Submitting a Domain Change Request

  1. Complete the request form for a Google campus domain change.
    • If you are an applicant, it is possible that your University account is not yet configured for access to all systems, including IT request forms. 
    • If you are unable to submit the request form for any reason, contact Technology Help for assistance submitting your request.
  2. Once submitted, your request will be reviewed and processed by Technology Help staff.
    • Requests are typically fulfilled within 1-2 business days, but may take 2-3 during certain peak times (such as the start of semester).
  3. You will receive a confirmation email once the domain change is complete. 
  4. (Optional) Transfer your data from one campus domain to the other.  
    1. Refer to UMN Gmail: Using Google Takeout Transfer for step-by-step instructions.
    2.  Individuals in sensitive data units: contact Technology Help to schedule and/or initiate the data transfer process.



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