TDX Knowledge: Use Bullets and Numbered Lists

Lists can be used to better organize an article and make it easier to scan.

  • If you have more than two items in a row and order doesn't matter, use a bullet (unordered) list.
  • If you have more than one step in step-by-step instructions, use a numbered (ordered list).
  • If you only have one instructional step, use a bullet.
  • Try to limit lists to a max of 7-9 steps as they are easier to read and follow.

The TDX Editing toolbar contains an Insert/Remove Numbered list button and an Insert/Remove Bulleted list button. 

In this article:

Creating a Numbered (Ordered) List

  • Click the Insert/Remove Numbered list button to create a simple ordered list. The Default style, Arabic numeral, will be applied.


Do the following to complete the task: 

  1. Do this step first.
  2. Do this step second.
  3. Finish with this step.

Creating a Bulleted (Unordered) List

  • Click the Insert/Remove Bulleted list button to create a simple ordered list. The Default style, the filled in circle, will be applied.


Here are some ideas:

  • Idea number one
  • Here's another idea
  • And one more idea

Creating a Nested Numbered (Ordered) List

To create a nested, numbered list:

  1. Click the Numbered list button. The Default style, Arabic numeral is applied.
  2. Press the Tab key or click the Increase indent button  to make a sub-step. 
  3. Follow Format Nested Numbered Lists to make Lower Alpha and Lower Roman sub-steps.
  4. Press Shift + Tab or click the Decrease indent button  as many times as you need to return to the different levels of the list.
  5. Etc...

Creating a Nested List that Uses Both Numbers and Bullets

You can create combination lists when the situation warrants. For example, if a step's action requires the user to make a choice between options, the options should be listed as bullets.

  1. Do this step first.
  2. Make a bullet sub-list. TDX automatically applies the bullet style. 
  3. Do this step now. 
  4. Etc...

List Punctuation

Punctuate bullets consistently. 

  • If bullets are sentences, end each one with a period. 
  • If bullets are phrases or fragments, use no end punctuation.

If you are using sentences, use them consistently. However, you can use phrases or fragments for sub-bullets; just be consistent. 

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