TDX Knowledge: Add Alternative Text to Images in TDX

Alternative text, or alt text, provides a text equivalent for images, charts, graphs, and more. This article discusses how to add Alternative Text in TeamDynamix (TDX) Knowledge Base articles.

Before creating Alternative Text in TDX, familiarize yourself with the importance of Making Images Accessible Using Alternative Text.

This article covers the following topics:

Setting the alt text attribute in a TDX Knowledge article

When you add an image in a Knowledge Base article, you must provide alternative text using the alt text attribute.

  1. After Adding an Image to an Article in editing mode, select the image and then select the Image button Image button
    1. Alternatively, double clicking on the image opens the image's editing attributes. 
  2. Add your alternative text to the Alternative Text field. This HTML attribute is automatically generated when you fill out the Alternative Text field in the Image Properties dialog box.
    image properties, image info tab filled out including the Alternative Text field.
  3. What you enter into the Alternative Text field depends entirely on the image's context. A good guideline here is to think: what meaning is a sighted user deriving from this image? Then, use that information to write your alt text. This will ensure that anyone who can't see the image is still getting equal access to its meaning.
    • Example: In the context of this article, the alt text for the image above could be "TDX Image Properties window, Image Info tab filled out displaying: URL, Alternative Text, values for Width, Height, Border and an image Preview."

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