TDX ITAM: Search for an Asset Record

This article shows how to search for an Asset Record in TeamDynamix. 

Search for an Asset Record 

  1. Navigate to the Asset/CI application. 
    • Click the Application Menu and select Asset/CI from the dropdown menu.
      The application drop down menu open with Asset/CI application highlighted
  2. Click Assets on the left hand navigation.
    The Assets option in the left navigation area of the Assets/CI app
  3. Use the ID/Serial/Name/Tag search box or the Filter tool to find the asset.
    ID/Serial/Name/Tag asset search box and the filter search icon
    • Search by the Serial Number first.
    • Search by Service Tag if nothing comes up by serial number.
  4. Click Apply.

If an asset record does not exist and the computer is owned by a centrally supported unit, create a new asset record.

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