TDX ITAM: Create or Update an Asset Record

This article covers how to create and update an asset record. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for asset creation and updates are also provided. This article covers the follow topics:

Creating a new Asset Record

  1. Log into Users (TDNext) and go to the Asset/CI application tab.
  2. Click +Asset.
  3. Select Default Asset Form from the dropdown menu. A new Asset Record form will open.
  4. Fill in the fields with the information for the new device:
    • See Use Type Definitions for guidance with that field.
    • See Asset Record States/Substates Guide for guidance with that field.
    • For assets assigned to student workers:
      • Set the Use Type to Student User and assign it to the student.
      • Enter the responsible staff persons (office admin, faculty, etc) name in the Managed By field (coming to form soon).
      • Avoid assigning assets to students wherever possible.
    • If the asset is to be returned to the Central Warehouse for evaluation, fill in the following additional fields: 
      • State: In Stock
      • Substate: Pending Assessment
      • Location: Your local stockroom and/or the stockroom where the asset is physically located.
  5. Enter any additional comments if needed in the Comments section.
  6. Click Save.

Updating an Asset Record

For incidents with Assets, Desktop Support technicians should review the Owner and Location information of the Asset Record. If the information in the record does not match the actual asset, the record will need to be updated.

  1. Click on the Assets/CI's application tab in the incident ticket.
    Asset/CI tab in TDNext
  2. Click on the Asset ID of the record you need to update or use the ID/Serial/Name/Tag search box to find the record you need. The Asset Record will open in a new window.
  3. Click the Edit button in the menu bar of the record. 
  4. Make the necessary changes in the fields of the form that need updating.
  5. Click Save.

Updating an Asset Record when a computer needs to be re-imaged

For computers that need to be re-imaged:

  1. Edit the asset record to indicate the new owner and location information.
  2. Set the State field to In maintenance and the Substate to In house.
  3. Fill in the comments field with any relevant information about the change.
  4. Set the State back to In Use when re-deploying the computer, 

SOP for Creating or Updating an Asset Record

Asset records should be created automatically for all assets that have an SCCM or JAMF Client installed on the device. However, some assets are not enrolled in JAMF or AD and therefore will not automatically populate in TeamDynamix.

The Office of Information Technology should still maintain asset records for these devices by creating new asset records when a machine without a record is found.

Additionally, asset records may need to be manually updated occasionally to ensure accurate user and location information. OIT technicians should check the asset records of any computer associated with an incident for accuracy and update any asset record accordingly while servicing that computer.


  • In Scope: Computers from all centrally supported units.
  • Out of Scope: Computers owned by non- centrally supported units, non hardware assets.


  • Asset Record - Record inside the Asset Management module of ServiceNow where financial data and User and Location information is kept.
  • Asset Record - Record inside the Asset/CI's application of TeamDynamix where configuration information is kept. These details are loaded from integrated systems (eg. SCCM, Jamf)
  • Stockroom - Stockrooms are places where assets that are not currently in use are assigned. There are stockrooms in TeamDynamix which hold Asset Records, as well as physical Stockroom locations that hold the corresponding physical assets.

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